Product Love: ModelCo FACETAN

The Godfather of fake tanning, ModelCo have this summer, added a two in one hydrating face tan to their portfolio with the introduction of FACETAN, a clever little combination of serious skincare  and self-tan in one dual dispenser.

FACETAN’s two in one technology has one side infused with a lightweight, quick drying gel tanning formula containing revolutionary Melotime, a tanning accelerator peptide which boosts the melanin production in the skin with reduced exposure to natural sunlight. Put simply, Melatime, works with the skin’s natural pigmentation and melanin to deliver a gradual, customised colour that is perfect for your skin tone.

The other side contains hyaluron serum; an ingredient that holds one thousand times its weight in water, which means it’s super-hydrating, (think of it as a drink of water for your face).  It helps to plump and enhance the volume of moisture in the skin.

The formulas are designed to work together to give you a gradual, natural and even tan.  FACETAN’s dual dispenser is a smart combination that allows you to use the formulas together or separately to either create a deeper, darker tan or a lighter tan with more hydration.

To Use:
Apply  to clean, un-moisturised skin. Press evenly with both pumps to mix formulas before applying. For a darker tan, apply the tanning gel on its own. FACETAN should be applied daily until the desired colour has been achieved and to maintain re­apply every 3 days.


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