Your festival hair. Sorted.

You might be suffering a case of the blues right now, but the recent solstice means we’re over the hump and spring is finally here. While partygoers in the UK mark the occasion with an annual pilgrimage to festival mecca, Glastonbury, those of us on this side of the world only need wait a few more months to let the good times roll. So to get you in the spirit, Sebastian Professional Urban Artist, Nadine Johns-Alcock, gives us the low-down on rockin’ hair to match any festival experience – be that four days in the mud, or just a day in the park. “Festival hair should should look sexy, earthy and effortless; the last thing you want to be doing is touching up your look in the bathroom when your favourite band is on,” says Nadine. “You need a style that will go the distance and gutsy products to support your look.”

Thanks to celebrities upping the festival cool-factor – you can blame Kate Moss circa 2005 – the trend for looking glam at all times has been slowly on the rise. “Gone are the days of throwing your hair in a ponytail and dancing the day away, it’s all about how glam you can look these days. But with boho-chic still a top festival trend, it’s easy to get a soft, feminine look with a hippy edge.” Try the very on-trend soft romantic curls, adorned with a plaited leather headband and add a feather if you’re feeling adventurous.

1.            Prepare your hair with Light Shampoo and Conditioner to thoroughly remove any styling products and allow your hair to breathe

2.            On damp hair apply Mousse Forte and roughly blowdry in, lifting hair at the roots you’re your fingers

3.            Next, part your hair right down the middle from front to back

4.            Gather each side of your hair into a bunch and spritz Trilliant through the mid-lengths and ends for heat protection, hold and shine

5.            Divide each half of your hair into three sections and curl the ends with a large curling tong or flat iron

6.            Flip your hair over your head and shake to mess it up, spraying with Re-Shaper for hold and humidity protection that will last throughout the day and night

Festival tip:
“You can refresh this look on day two by spraying a bit of Shaper Zero Gravity into your roots and mid-lengths and using your fingers to add a bit of texture and root-lift. If there’s only one product you take to a festival with you – this is the one. The 50ml version makes it the perfect handbag accessory.”

If you’re more rock-chick than boho-chic, trade the plaited leather for some paisley. There’s a reason this has been the staple of rock ‘n’ roll wives for decades. “Using a bandana can hide a multitude of hair sins – from greasy roots to dry, overprocessed ends – while at the same time looking effortlessly cool.”

1.            On clean damp hair, apply a generous amount of Thickefy Foam for gritty texture and body

2.            Blast dry, with your fringe swept down across your forehead

3.            Gather the rest of your hair into a pony tail in your hands at the back and don’t secure – twist up and pin into a roll

4.            Tie a bandana or scarf on and secure with bobbies

5.            Lastly fix your look with Shaper Fierce – you can dance all night in this one!

Festival tip:
“This is great on any day that you wake up with not-so perfect hair from the night before, this is also the go-to for girls with short styles.”

The top-knot has seen somewhat of a revival of late – everywhere from the runways of Paris to the streets of Redfern. “This look is effortless chic at its best, but the secret to getting this right is to make sure the texture is right,” says Nadine. “You need sleek, smooth hair to avoid frizz and make sure your style has a healthy finished look. It’s a great look for a one-day festival, because you can just tie it up and leave it – even a torrential downpour would have a hard time affecting this style.”

1.            Shampoo your hair with Hydre Shampoo to smooth out any frizz and lock in moisture

2.            Towel dry and apply a generous amount of leave in treatment styler Potion 9

3.            Throw your head forward and blow dry until about 75% dry, to give your hair some body

4.            With your head still down, gather all of your hair into a pony tail that sits on the very top of you head and tie off

5.            Now, head up! Twist the end of your pony tail and wrap hair around the elastic into a ballet bun and secure with bobby pins

6.            Spritz all over with Shaper Fierce – to be sure your style will last the distance

Festival tip:
“If you wake up on day three of a festival and need a total hair revival, dust some dry shampoo into your roots (or use some loose powder from your make-up kit) to provide a bit of lift and absorb some excess oil. Then, add some Potion 9 before swinging your head upside down and gathering the hair on top of your head – just watch out if you’ve overdone it the night before!”

For an update to the fishtail braid, turn it into an upstyle. “We’ve seen the humble plait getting some real wear-time after Alexander Wang used it on his catwalk show back in 2010. So for 2012, try it styled into a Heidi milk-maid braid. This is both versatile and secure enough to see you through even the hardest night of partying.”

1.            On dry hair, spritz Volupt Spray throughout and warm into hair with your dryer

2.            Part your hair right down the middle from front to back

3.            Bring each side forward and low over your shoulder, then plait. Secure the ends with an elastic band

4.            Pinch, pull and mess each plait a little until it has a soft texture

5.            Wrap each plait up over your ears, across the top of your head and secure with bobby pins

6.            Spray all over with Shaper Zero Gravity for a light, matte hold that won’t disturb your halo

Festival tip:
“This is a great style for getting very long hair off your face and out of the way – it can also be your go-to on any day of a festival. It’s easy to do and can be done with greasy or knotty hair, simply talc up and brush through before plaiting to refresh it. And if you sleep in it, you’re going to get some rockin’ waves the next day.”

Your festival must-haves: Shaper Zero Gravity, Potion 9, dry shampoo and a good brush or wide tooth comb.



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