Sebastian Professional X Stephen Marr NZFW 2012 – Thursday

Sebastian Professional teamed up with Stephen Marr to create the perfect runway hair for 8 of the shows last week. We spoke to Stephen Marr’s Creative Director, Lauren Gunn, to find out the inspiration behind the runway hair looks for Thursday’s shows. Be sure to check out Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s shows too.

The pristine look of the centre part dropped ponytail for Salasai was created to complement the precision of the collection, which has a very prim, buttoned up take on winter 2013. A super sharp hairline leant the hair an architectural bent.

“It’s hard to place Salasai in any specific genre or latch onto historical references in their collections, which for me is one exciting thing about this label. Its often androgenous, matching looks for boys and girls, but even that element can veer from one side of the fence to the other.  When I work up a look for Salasai I often think of Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World, an alternate reality set in the future but not as we know it.”

Step 1. Take a precise centre part and flat iron your hair section by section using Sebastian Trilliant styling spray to give shimmer and protect from heat.
Step 2.  Fix all the flyways by spraying Sebastian Re-shaper spray all over, smoothing your hair flat to your head with the palms of your hands.
Step 3. Drop your chin down and gather your hair covering your ears and over your shoulders into a ponytail at the back.
Hot Tip: Slide the ponytail elastic as low as you dare to go and finish off the look with a thin satin ribbon or a piece of string.

Blak’s hair look for Winter ‘13 began simply with a fistful of black diamante hair slides. The collection has strong echoes of New Zealand Victoriana. High necklines and delicate lace over-dresses were mixed in with leather minis and sporty stripes to toughen things up, a theme we carried through in the hair with our most feminine look of the season. An old fashioned bun became a vampy upswept halo of texture with just a hint of form and an hairline encrusted with the hard shiny glint of the diamantes.

“Its always great to use a bit of customised hardware in the hair, the diamante clips really elevate the look and give it edge, hopefully we’ll see this trend manifest in street style this winter, busting out with a mix of texture and haphazard accessorising.”

Step 1. Leaving out a 4cm section of hair around the hairline, take all the rest of your hair, control it with a little Sebastian Matte Putty and pull it back into a loose bun at the back.
Step 2. Tease or crimp some texture into the halo section all around your hairline.
Step 3. Piece by piece pull the textured hair back into the bun using pins to both secure it and distort the shape of the bun.
Hot Tip: Randomly pin in around 50 bobby pins from ear to ear around the front hairline, you can customise the pins with diamantes, beads or sequins to suit your mood, or just leave them plain.

A formal element was called for in the hair when we were putting together the look for Charlie Brown. A simple, sleek ponytail, executed flawlessly by the Stephen Marr team provided the perfect foil for a comprehensive collection ranging from Camo cargo’s to feather trimmed gowns with the overall effect ranking high in the glamour stakes.

“What a great opportunity to work with an offshore team and a privilege to be part of presenting this Australian label to New Zealanders. I get a real thrill pulling off immaculate runway hair like this, it’s not always as simple as it looks.”

Step 1. Take a classic centre or side parting.
Step 2. Beginning at the nape, take a small section of hair and saturate the roots with Sebastian Professional Shaper Zero Gravity Hairspray (the texture should be wet), and comb it flat against the nape.
Step 3. Using a fine tooth comb bring all the hair section by section down to the nape, again saturating each section with Zero Gravity hairspray.
Step 4. Comb the sections either side of the parting straight down and behind your ears then comb all the hair to your nape and tightly bind it in a hair elastic.
Hot Tip: The heavily lacquered look of the nineties is really hot right now so go to town on the hairspray and finish with a cloud of Sebastian Halo Mist for hair so shiny you can see your reflection in it.

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*Backstage images care of Oliver Rose


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