An Introduction To The Wet Shave

Despite the recent surge in popularity surrounding beards and other facial hair, the daily routine for most nine-to-five men still starts with a generally unpleasant shave.

Dry shaving (with a typical big-brand razor, replaceable cartridges and pressurised shaving foam) became the norm largely because it was faster than traditional wet shaving.  However as men become more and more comfortable with spending a little time on their appearance, it makes sense to consider making the switch to what is ultimately a more enjoyable shaving experience.

So what is wet shaving?

As you may have gathered from the name, a wet shave is done with much more water than a typical dry shave.  Specially designed shaving cream is mixed with hot water using a badger brush to create a lather that’s much higher in water content than your average can of shaving foam or gel.   It’s then applied to the face directly with the brush instead of your hand.

Rather than repeatedly dragging the razor across the same area once it’s lathered, you instead use only one short stroke.  Once your whole face is shaved, you can apply additional lather and repeat as desired.  One pass is generally sufficient to get you through a day at the office with two or three passes giving you a shave smooth enough to make babies jealous.

Although you can use a standard razor, it’s recommended that you also consider switching to a traditional double edged razor for even more noticeable improvements. Check out Goodfella, they have everything you need for the perfect wet shave.

What are the benefits of wet shaving?

  • The extra heat and moisture, combined with the stimulation of the shaving brush help to soften and lift the hairs on the face.  This makes them easier to cut closer to the skin with fewer razor strokes.
  • By shaving in passes across the whole face rather than repeatedly ‘attacking’ the same area until it’s smooth, your skin has time to rest and avoid irritation
  • When combined with a double edged razor, skin irritation is even further reduced.  As double edged razors use the weight of the handle and do not require additional pressure from your hand, there is less chance of unnecessary skin damage.
  • On-going costs are drastically reduced – since your shaving cream is mixed with water and then lathered, very little is required each day.  Additionally, double edged razor blades generally cost between 10-50c per blade versus upwards of $5 for a modern razor cartridge.

You’ll be able to start the day with a shave that’s closer than you’d normally experience and without a face that feels like it’s been rubbed across a cheese grater.


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