How To: Berry Delicious Lips

Plum, merlot, grape, berry-crush, call it what you like – deep, dark berry coloured lips are in.

How to wear it:
When it comes to statement makeup, only ever play up on feature, it is far more elegant and chic – you don’t want your facial features to be competing with each other.

Prep skin
Moist, plump, healthy, hydrated skin is the only way to go. I love the Intensive Moisture Balance Day Cream from Dermalogica as it contains Vitamin C, which helps to smooth the appearance of dry lines and skin damage, leaving skin soft and supple.

This look requires a flawless, matte base. Use a primer, add foundation next, and finish with concealer under the eyes and on any patches that tend to go red (like the tip of your nose). If you don’t normally wear a matte foundation, apply your regular foundation and use powder over the top to take away any shine.

Keep your eyes simple. A little liner and mascara – nothing fancy. And groom your brows like there is no tomorrow. Because this is a very chic look, extend the end of your brows slightly to create a longer frame for your face. Highlight the area just under the arch of your brow.

Cheeks should be understated. Add a bit of warmth with a light bronzer on your cheeks and around the hairline. Forget the highlighter – this is a matte look and the lips will be doing all the talking.

Prep lips
Make sure your lips have been well prepped (exfoliated and nourished) – dark lippy will emphasize any dryness or flakiness. We love the Elizabeth Arden Advanced Lip-Fix Cream which will help sort them out as it seals in moisture and reduces the look of deep, vertical lines.

Line the lips
You could purchase a liner that matches the lipstick, but my suggestion would be to invest in a nude lip-liner. This way you can use the one product with all your lipsticks.

There are several ways you can apply the lipstick:

1. Use your fingers to press the lipstick on to your lips. This will help the lipstick to stay on for longer. Add one coat, and then blot with a tissue. Repeat this process again once more and then add one last layer over the top.

2. Use a lip brush to apply the lipstick and again blot between layers.

3. Apply straight from the tube – this method is best saved for re-applications throughout the day after you have created the base coats at home.

Tips and tricks:

• To avoid lippy on your teeth place your index finger in your mouth, close your lips around it and slowly pull your finger out. This will ensure any excess colour will end up on your finger.

• If dark lips are not your thing, you could blot a small amount of colour on to your lips for a stained look, or mix it with your gloss for a lighter version of this look.

• To create the catwalk-esque, “I have been eating berries” look, apply foundation or a product like the M.A.C Lip Erase which is a flesh-toned balm that visually neutralizes and erases natural colour from your lips,
then dab the lippy onto the center of your lips only with your finger.


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