Fish Pedicures

This unconventional pedicure has long been popular in Asia and involves putting your feet into water filled with tiny toothless Garra rufa commonly known as “doctor fish.” These little guys feed on dead skin cells, but have no interest in living skin. So, if you just sit back and let them work their magic, they’ll chomp off all of your dead skin cells and leave skin looking renewed, feeling smooth, vibrant, and healthy.

While being on holiday in Bali a few months ago I stumbled across a spa offering the service so I convinced my boyfriend we should give it a try.

Those toothless piranhas are hungry little suckers.  They swarmed at my feet, between my toes and up my legs.  The nibbling/sucking sensation was unlike anything I have ever felt before, it didn’t hurt it just felt very strange and tickled a whole lot.

The result?  We only had a 10 minute treatment but straight away I noticed a huge difference on my dry heels, they were so super soft and if I had stuck it out for longer, I think the improvements would have been even more amazing.

The brave can even get a full body treatment.


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