Tried and Tested: Colonic Irrigation

Colonics receive a fair amount of shit (pun intended), but that’s because people are still confused about what it actually is and what it does for you. But flushing the colon out for better (digestive, bowel and overall) health has been happening since the Egyptians were doing it back in 1500BC.

I experienced my first one a few weeks back at The Colon Care Center, and to my surprise it wasn’t anywhere near as embarrassing or painful as I thought it might have been.

So why get a colonic I hear you ask, because…

1. You lose the bloat.

A lot of this is gas, (from bad digestion, eating too fast etc) and this is one of the best parts of colonics – it pushes all of those gas bubbles out. Gas bubbles which in turn cause big fecal blockages.

2. You push out toxins.

If you’ve got a lot of old waste sitting in there, clinging to the walls (because of poor diet, or poor digestion, or because you’re very dehydrated) guess what it’s doing? Sinking through the walls of your bowel, and getting into your bloodstream, not ideal!

3. You get great skin.

My colonic therapist calls colonics the ultimate facial. This is because with all that water slowly going into your body, (and the warm water does go into your bowel very slowly so that it gently loosens the fecal matter) it is able to be absorbed by your body easily, which results in lovely, hydrated skin from the inside out.

4. You lose weight.

Well, think about it, you’re removing mass from your bowel. Of course you will lose weight. You also lose volume from getting rid of all the trapped gas. All of that leading to a flatter stomach. And after you’ve got your bowels back into good health, you become a lot more aware of your digestion, hydration and absorption, which should help you stay that way.

5. You feel more energetic.

Your body is constantly under stress to eliminate waste while trying to grab what nutrients it can from food, which more often than not contains loads of chemicals and preservatives. By clearing out the build up, your body has more energy for fun stuff, like being energetic.

For the best results, after a treatment it’s recommended you do the following:

1. Drink plenty of liquids: 
Pure water, herbal tea 
and electrolyte liquids.
2. Replace intestinal flora with Probiotics.
3. Eat vegetable soup for 24 hours after the procedure.
4. Avoid eating raw vegetables for 2 days. 
Cooked veggies and raw fruit are sufficient; chew well.
5. Reduce heavy meat consumption for 3 days.
6. Avoid sweets and alcohol for 24 hours.

Colon Care Centre:
639 New North Road,
 Morningside, Auckland.
Tel: (09) 815-6499


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